Privacy and Geotagging on Social Media

We all love social media, but how much should we share and what should we keep private on public profiles? This blog post includes some things I’ve learned while having a public instagram for my Australian labradoodle. I discuss some difficult topics such as geotagging homes and businesses, requesting permission before using family and friends’ photos and their locations, and the use of some fun alternative geotags when location really doesn’t matter.

What is your body telling you that you need to change?

Sometimes we wait to long before we realize what our body is trying to tell us we need to change. As we get older, we have no choice but to listen to the whispers it speaks to make these modifications in our behavior and lifestyle. Our tolerance for the imbalances becomes lower and we pay attention. Part of living a life worth writing about is having the energy to get out there and show up for ourselves and what we love.

2018 New Year's Intentions & Reflections on 2017

Happy New Year + Welcome! As I take a look back on 2017, I discuss why I don't believe in resolutions and prefer to set an intention anchored to January 1st. The inaugural post will set the tone for this year's content focus across the site and get clear on what my intention is for 2018 and how I can help you set yours'.